We could tell you all sorts of things about how we work with you to realise your vision, to make your dreams a reality etc, all of which is true, but the design question we are asked first and foremost is…

How much does a website cost?.

To which we ummm and errr and don’t seem to give a straight out answer, this isn’t because we’re trying to hide anything, it is just that it is not an easy question to answer, websites can cost anything from a few hundred to a few thousand or more, it all depends on what you want to do with the site and how soon you want it.

There are of course a number of other factors, to consider such as do you already own a domain name?, do you have a logo and colour scheme?. The more information we have about your site, the easier it is for us to give a quote.

Here is a list of questions and website terms we are asked about frequently, also a list of website types to help you define your site.

Translating your vision into a reality

This is probably one of the most difficult things we have to deal with, getting the vision thats locked away in your head out and on to a computer screen, its actually quite suprising the number of people who have a design in their heads, but cannot express it. From our experience it is often good for clients to sit down with pen and paper and sketch out what you want away from the distractions of the computer